EUNOPS 2002 - CEFE/CNRS Montpellier, France

April 26 - 29


DAY 1: Saturday, 27 April

09:00 – Registration

09:20 – Welcome address, introduction, presentation of attendees

10:00 – John Dransfield: the next edition of Genera Palmarum

Round table 1: Present and future of higher level taxonomy in palms. Chairman: John Dransfield

10:45 Coffee break

Session 1: Ecology and Paleoecology of palms

11:20 – Jean Maley: Paleobiogeography of palms in tropical Africa and South America inferred from fossil pollen data.

11:40 – Jérôme Chave: Dispersal and heterogeneous landscape-scale distribution of the palm Astrocaryum sciophilum in French Guiana

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Coffee at CEFE

Session 2: Reproductive biology of palms

14:00 – Sophie Nadot: Study project: Development and evolution of pollen grain aperture pattern in Arecaceae

14:20 – Jette Knudsen: Variation in floral scents in Geonoma macrostachys

14:40 – Mathilde Dufaÿ: Foliar scents in Chamaerops humilis

15:00 – Round table 2: Pollination and pollination syndrome in palms. Chairman: Marie-Charlotte Anstett

16:00 Coffee break

16:30 – Yves Duval: Molecular determinism of oil palm flower architecture (to be confirmed)

16:50 – Fred Stauffer: Comparative morphology of the gynoecium in the neotropical tribe Geonomeae

16:50 – Frédérique Aberlenc-bertossi: anatomical and physiological studies of oil palm late embryogenesis

17:30 – Round table 3: free discussion on the day's topics

18:00 – End of seminar.

20:30 – Banquet

DAY 2: Sunday, 28 April

Session 3: genomic structure and genetic diversity

09:30 – Pat Heslop-Harrison: molecular cytogenetics and genome structure of oil palm

09:50 – Norbert Billotte: Development of microsatellite markers in palms

10:10 – Conny Asmussen: AFLP data on genetic variation in Hyophorbe lagenicaulis

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 – Round table 4: what can we learn from population-level molecular analyses of palms ? Chairman: Conny Asmussen

12:00 Lunch break

13:30 Coffee at CEFE

Session 4: cultivated palms

14:00 – Florent Engelmann: Long term conservation of palm genetic resources using cryopreservation: the case of oil palm.

14:20 – Sally Henderson: Study project: the enigmatic Phoenix atlantica

14:40 – Final discussion and prospects for the next European and international Palms meetings

16:00 – End of EUNOPS 2002


Billotte Norbert, FR, CIRAD-CP, Montpellier
Chave Jérôme, FR, CNRS, LET, Toulouse
Knudsen Jette, Suède, Dpt Chemical Ecology, Göteborg
Montarone Maryse, FR, INRA, Antibes
Montarone Frédéric, FR, INRA, Antibes
Onesto Jean-Paul, FR, INRA, Antibes
Poupet Alain, FR, INRA, Antibes
Poupet Rolande, FR, INRA, Antibes
Ferry Michel, FR, INRA, Elche
Barfod Anders S., Danemark, Institute of Sytematic Botany, Arhus
Kjaer Anders, Danemark, Institute of Sytematic Botany, Arhus
Stauffer Fred Walter, Venezuela, Institute of Sytematic Botany, Zurich
Couvreur Thomas, FR, IRD, Montpellier
Hocher Valérie, FR, IRD, Montpellier
Maley Jean, FR, IRD, Montpellier
Moreau Carol, FR, IRD, Montpellier
Pintaud Jean-Christophe, FR, IRD, Montpellier
Rohde Wolfgang, Allemagne, MPIZ, Koeln
Morici Carlo, Espagne, Palmetum de Santa Cruz, Tenerife
Ludena Bertha, Equateur, PUCE, Quito
Baker William, UK, RBG, Kew
Bayton Ross, UK, RBG, Kew
Dransfield John, UK, RBG, Kew
Pongsattayapipat Ratchada, UK, RBG, Kew
Asmussen Conny Bruun, Danemark, RVAU, Botany section, Fredriksberg
Zehdi Salwa, Tunisie, Université de Tunis
Nadot Sophie, FR, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay
Ressayre Adrienne, FR, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay
Heslop-harrison Pat, UK, University of Leicester
Borgel Alain, FR, IRD, Montpellier
Engelmann Florent, FR, IRD, Montpellier
Adam Hélène, FR, IRD, Montpellier
N'nan Oulo, Côte d'Ivoire, IRD, Montpellier
Duval Yves, FR, IRD, Montpellier
Anstett Marie-Charlotte, FR, CNRS-CEFE, Montpellier
Meekijjaoenroj Aroonrat, Thailande, CNRS-CEFE, Montpellier
Dufay Mathilde, FR, CNRS-CEFE, Montpellier
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