EUNOPS 2011 - Komarov Botanical Institute, St Petersburg, Russia


April 16-17, 2011
Komarov Botanical Institute, St Petersburg, Russia

Komarov Botanical Institute, St Petersburg

What is EUNOPS?

The European Network of Palm Scientists) was established in 2001 to facilitate the exchange of information and collaboration between European palm specialists. A EUNOPS meeting has been held annually ever since, providing an informal opportunity for palm biologists to meet and to discuss current research through two days of talks and round table discussions. Previous meetings (and pages associated with the meetings) are listed here.


The eleventh meeting of EUNOPS will be held at the Komarov Botanical Institute (RAS), in St Petersburg, Russia on 16-17 April 2011. The programme will include presentations, short communications and round table discussions as well as plenty of time for informal interactions. The Institute is equipped with facilities for Powerpoint presentations. A dinner will take place on the evening of Saturday 16 April.


DAY 1:

Saturday, 16 April
– Komarov Botanical Institute

DAY 2:

Sunday, 17 April
– Komarov Botanical Institute


Most EUNOPS members will need Russian Visas to enter Russia so all participants will receive by regular mail an official letter of invitation from Komarov Botanical Institution (RAS) for participation in the EUNOPS meeting and work at the Herbarium of the Komarov Botanical Institute (RAS) (LE). Please contact your local Russian embassy for additional information about visas.


Access to the Herbarium (LE) will be possible during the week before the meeting (11-15th of April 2011) and on the dates of the meeting. Please let us know in advance if you have any special requirements for your visit to the Herbarium.


For practical reasons the Andersen Hotel is recommended for accommodation (15-20 min walk from Komarov Botanical Institute, 15-20 min walk from subway stop Petrogradskaya. It has been already arranged with Andersen Hotel that participants of the 10th EUNOPS meeting will make their booking via organisers of the meeting. The hotel has different types of rooms, all prices include breakfast (buffet). 20 standard rooms (twin rooms with separate beds) are currently pre-booked for the participants of the EUNOPS meeting for the 16-17th of April 2011. Please make your decision about the dates and type of the room (standard twin room or otherwise), and fill in the online registration form. Detailed description of rooms and their rates are available at the hotel website ( 1 Euro is about 41 Russian Rubles, 1 USD is about 31 Russian rubles; please check the current exchange rate before you make any decisions).

Andersen Hotel, 4 Chapygina str., 197022, St. Petersburg, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 740-5140, Fax: +7 (812) 740-5142


Deadline if a visa letter is required: end January 2011

To participate in the meeting, and to submit an abstract, please fill in the registration form here.  


As usual for EUNOPS meeting no registration fees are planned. Nevertheless, you will be kindly asked to pay for the conference dinner on the evening of 16th April.


Saint Petersburg has single airport (Pulkovo, acronym LED) which receives daily flights from most big European cities. Saint Petersburg has good railway connection with Scandinavian countries.


Komarov Botanical Institute is located on the right bank of Neva river where the city grew spontaneously during the first few years of its existence, near the Peter and Paul Fortress – the first place to be established by Peter the Great in his new city in 1703. Now Saint Petersburg is the second biggest city in Russia with about 5 million citisens; Saint Petersburg is usually treated as the cultural capital of Russia. The closest attraction to Komarov Botanical Institute is Peter’s & Paul’s Fortress, about 15 minutes by shuttle bus. Downtown of St. Petersburg (Nevsky Prospect, Palace Square, St. Isaac’s Cathedral etc.) is situated on the other, left, bank of Neva river, about 30-40 minutes ride by shuttle bus or 2 stops by subway (direct line). In that way unfortunately none of the famous places of interest can be reached by foot but luckily because the city was developing according to a plan all of them are located not too far from each other (walking distance). Thus one can start with Peter’s & Paul’s fortress then cross Neva river by one of the bridges enjoying beautiful views of the city get to Vasilievsky island and then to the left bank of Neva with all the main attractions.


For any further details or queries concerning the meeting, please contact:

Mikhail Romanov
Mob. +7-916-366-65-03

Alexey Bobrov

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