EUNOPS 2013 - Aarhus, Denmark


May 11-12th, 2013

Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus from the air

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What is EUNOPS?

The European Network of Palm Scientists) was established in 2001 to facilitate the exchange of information and collaboration between European palm specialists. A EUNOPS meeting has been held annually ever since, providing an informal opportunity for palm biologists to meet and to discuss current research through two days of talks and round table discussions. Previous meetings (and pages associated with the meetings) are listed here. 


The thirteenth meeting of EUNOPS will be held at the open-air museum in Aarhus called “Den Gamle By” (translation: “The Old Town”), with the meeting on the 11-12th May 2013, with a conference dinner on the 11th and an excursion on the 13th.


The preliminary program consists of a tour in the Greenhouses, a tour in “Den Gamle By” and four sessions of talks/presentations. Each session will be 2 x 1 hour.

The programme will include presentations, short communications and round table discussions, as well as plenty of time for informal interactions. Posters can also be presented. The venue is equipped with facilities for Powerpoint presentations.

A dinner will take place on the evening of Saturday 11th May. An optional excursion to the "mountains" of Mols will be organized after the Meeting, on Monday 13th May.


08:30 Registration    
09:00 Welcoming address Prof. Hans Brix, Head
of Bioscience Campus, Aarhus University  
    Assoc. Prof. Anders S.
Barfod, Head of the EUNOPS XIII organizing committee 
09:30 Session 1. Palm biogeography
& macroecology 
1. Daniel Kissling Global hotspots of diversity and
threat for palms under recent and future land cover change
  Chair: Jens-Christian Svenning 2. Wolf Eiserhardt The palms of Madagascar:
unraveling the eco-evolutionary assembly of an exceptional island flora
    3. Ingrid Olivares Long-term changes in palm
community composition in the western Amazon basin
10:30 Coffee break     
11:00 Session 2. Palm
4. Pedro A. Sosa Genetic differentiation of Phoenix canariensis natural
populations from the Canary Islands
  Chair: Scott Zona 5. Anne B. Overgaard Vulnerability of African palms
to 21st century climate change and human impact.
    6. Lauren Gardiner Palm Conservation in the Itremo
Protected Area of Madagascar
12:00 Lunch     
13:30 Guided tour in Old Town – by museum guides 
14:45 Session 3.  Palm systematics and ethnobotany  7. Angela Cano  A revision of Trithrinax (Coryphoideae: Cryosophileae)
  Chair: John Dransfield 8. William J. Baker Palms of New Guinea
    9. Manuel Macia  Understanding the palm use
knowledge through socioeconomic factors in Northwestern South America
15:45 Coffee break     
16:15 Session 4.  Ethnobotany continued & economic botany  10. Rodrigo Camara Leret Quantitative ethnobotany of
palms in the Amazon, Andes and Chocó 
  Chair: Henrik Balslev 11. Renato Valencia How to improve the sustainable
use of palm products in NW South American?
    12. Monica Gruezmacher  Uncovering guiding principles
for sustainable palm tree use in the north western Amazon region 
17:15 Meeting conclusion    
19:30 Conference dinner at Musikhuset
Aarhus - Johan R
12 MAY
09:00 Guided tour in the Greenhouses of the Botanic Garden – by Head
of the AAU herbarium and collection manager Finn Borchsenius and Anders
11:00 Coffee break     
11:30 Session 5. Palm
13. Uffe Brandt Andersen Next generation palm
phylogenetics: bridging traditional gene sequencing and whole genome
  Chair: Finn Borchsenius 14. Ëlodie Alapetite Phylogenetic patterns in the
Ptychospermatinae androecium: insight from a novel molecular phylogeny
    15. Maria José Sanín Perez Phylogeography of the Andean Wax
Palms (Ceroxylon) based on
nuclear and chloroplast genes
12:30 Lunch     
14:00 Session 6. Palm  structure and development  16. Mikhail Romanov Pericarp structure and
biogeography of Ceroxyloideae (Arecaceae)
  Chair: Fred Stauffer 17. Marco Ballardini Structural stability assessment
of palms: the case of date palm Phoenix dactylifera L.
    18. James Tregear Analysis of small RNAs and their
potential role in the regulation of inflorescence development in palms
15:00 Coffee break     
15:30 Session 7. Constraints to
ecosystem services of palms  
19. Nikos Thymakis Phoenix
and management of RPW
  Chair: Anders Barfod 20. Grisha Brokamp Causes of resource limitation in
the trade with tagua (Phytelephas aequatorialis)
    21. Brigitte Frérot Chemical ecology of Paysandisia archon an alien pest on
palm trees in south Europe 
16:30 Meetings announcement Jean-Cristophe
Pintaud: EU Palm Workshop in Tingo Maria, Peru, 2013
    Isabel Mateu-Andrés:
EUNOPS XIV in Valencia, Spain, 2014
    Henrik Balslev: PALMS
2015, in Aarhus
17:00 EUNOPS business Representatives of the
EUNOPS steering committee
17:30 Closing of meeting Assoc. Prof. Anders S.
Barfod, Head of the EUNOPS XIII organizing committee 
13 MAY
09:00 Departure from Cabinn or
Aarhus University Build. 1540
10:00 Arrival at National Park Mols
11:30 Lunch     
12:30 Guided tour in the National Park    
14:30 Coffee break     
15:00 Departure Mols Bjerge    
16:00 Arrival Aarhus    


Citizens from European Union countries won’t need a VISA to enter Denmark, participants from non-EU countries need to apply for a VISA. Please contact your local embassy or consulate for additional information about visas and contact us if you will need a letter of invitation from the conference organisers. Do this as quickly as possible, as handling time at the embassies or consulates may be substantial.


A limited number of rooms have been booked at the Cabinn hotel in the center of Aarhus ( The prizes are among the lovest in Aarhus at 550 DKK per night for an economy room.

Please indicate in the registration from (link below) whether or not you require accomodation at the Cabinn hotel.


Deadline if a visa letter is required: Before end of February 

Deadline if accomodation is required: March 27


As usual for EUNOPS meeting, no registration fees are planned, other than for the conference dinner on Sat 11th. The price for the dinner will be around 40 EURO excluding drinks.
If you wish to participate in the optional excursion on Mon 13th, you will be asked to pay a trip fee of 20 EURO including transport, lunch and a guided tour.


The closest airport is Aarhus-Tirstrup (, 46 km from Aarhus). Alternative airports are: Billund (, 95 km from Aarhus), Copenhagen-Kastrup (, 300 km from Aarhus) or Aalborg (, 132 km from Aarhus).
Aarhus has railway systems connecting the larger cities (


For information about Aarhus as a tourist location, check out this site: (

EXCURSION (optional)

An optional excursion to the "mountains" of Mols will be organized after the Meeting, on Monday 13th May. There will be a trip fee of 20 EURO including transport, lunch and a guided tour of the national park (


For any further details or queries concerning the meeting, please contact:
Dennis Pedersen
dennis.pedersen (at)
Anders Barfod
anders.barfod (at)

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