EUNOPS 2003 - Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, UK

April 26 - 27


DAY 1: Saturday, 26 April

Registration 8.15 onwards

Welcome 9.00 Introductory remarks

Session 1: Species level palm systematics

9.10 The genus Licuala in Thailand - Anders Barfod

9.30 Chloroplast DNA phylogeny of Bactris gasipaes and related species: towards the end of the controversy? - Thomas Couvreur

9.50 Molecular systematics and comparative morphology of Borassus. Progress towards a taxonomic revision - Ross Bayton

10.10 An interactive identification tool for the rattans of Borneo – JohnDransfield & Meesha Patel

10.30-11.00 Tea

Session 2: Higher level phylogeny

11.00 A supertree of the palm family – Bill Baker, Conny Asmussen & Vincent Savolainen

11.15 A phylogeny for the palm family based on an expanded taxon and DNA sequence sample – Conny Asmussen, John Dransfield, Vinnie Deichmann, Anders Barfod, Jean-Christophe Pintaud & Bill Baker

Session 3: Palm Economics, Cultivation and Sustainable Use

11.30 Towards large scale micropropagation of palms: the example of oil palm - Alain Rival

11.50 New Chamaedorea Initiative at the Natural History Museum, London - Nancy Garwood

12.10 Options to prolong the life of the World's Largest Indoor Plant, Jubaea chilensis, in the Temperate House at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew - Hugh Harries

12.30-14.00 Lunch

14.00-15.30 Round table discussion – A Global Biodiversity Inventory of Palms

15.30-16.00 Tea

Session 4: Structural and Functional Biology

16.00 Floral structure in Sommieria (Areceae) - Fred Stauffer, Bill Baker, John Dransfield & Peter Endress

16.20 Floral anatomy in Dypsis (Areceae): a case of complex synorganisation and stamen reduction – Paula Rudall, Katie Abranson, John Dransfield & Bill Baker

16.40 Biomechanical architecture and development of climbing palms - Nick Rowe, Sandrine Isnard & Thomas Speck

17.00 Semina Palmarum: the seed conservation biology of palms - Christopher Wood, Helen Vautier & Hugh Pritchard

17.20 Concluding discussion

17.30 Close

18.30 Aperitif (Venue: Pat Brenan Suite, Herbarium, RBG Kew)

19.00 Conference Dinner (Venue: Staff Common Room, Herbarium, RBG Kew)

DAY 2: Sunday, 27 April

9-11 Guided Tour of the Palm House and Temperate House (meet at Herbarium Reception for departure at 9am)

11.15 Tea

11.30-12.30 Round table discussion – Topic to be decided

12.30-13.45 Lunch

Session 1: Palm Ecology

13.45 Pollination of Calamus castaneus - Aroonrat Meekijjaroenroj & Marie-Charlotte Anstett

14.05 Diversity and dominance of palm species in western Amazonian tierra firme forests - Jaana Vormisto, Jens-Christian Svenning, Pamela Hall &
Henrik Balslev

14.25 Reproductive isolation of local, co-existing morphs of Geonoma macrostachys var. macrostachys in the western Amazon - Finn Borchsenius, Tannya
Lozada, Jette Knudsen, and Jane Frydenberg

14.45 Palms and Islands - Carlo Morici

15.05 Concluding Discussion

15.30 Close


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