EUNOPS 2004 - Vallehermoso, La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain

April 17 - 18


: Saturday, 17 April

09:00 Registration

09:30 Welcome and introductory remarks by Carlo Morici

09:45 Welcome lecture: The island La Gomera and its ecology by José María Fernández-Palacios

Session 1: REPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY Chairwoman: Conny Asmussen

10:05 Geographical variation of palm scent: implications in the attraction of the specific pollinator of Chamaerops humilis by Marie Charlotte Anstett and Antoine Gaillard

10:25 Pollination of some Brazilian cerrado palms by Ilse Silberbauer-Gottsberger and G. Gottsberger

10:45 Biogeography, reproductive biology and evolution of the Betel Nut palms and their relatives by Adrian Loo, John Dransfield, Mark Chase, and Bill Baker

11.05 Coffee break

11:30 The floral scent chemistry of some palm species in relation with systematic grouping by Aroonrat Meekijjaroenroj and Marie Charlotte Anstett

11:50 Phenology and pollination of Nypa fruticans in southern Thailand by Lars Eg Hoppe

12:10 Round table discussion on Reproductive ecology (Convenors Marie Charlotte Anstett and Ilse Silberbauer-Gottsberger)

13:00 Lunch

Session 2: ECONOMIC BOTANY Chairman: Bill Baker

14:30 Genetic diversity of the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) revealed by microsatellite markers by Salwa Zehdi

14:50 The use of random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) for hybrid detection between Phoenix canariensis and P. dactylifera by Miguel A. Gonzáles Pérez and Pedro A. Sosa

15:10 Sugar palms in Thailand by Ratchada Pongsattayapipat and Anders S. Barfod

15:30 A microsatellite study of the wild and cultivated varieties of Bactris gasipaes in northwestern Ecuador by Thomas Couvreur

15:50 Coffee break

16:20 Historical aspects of the introduction of palms in northern Italy by Valentina Scariot and Federica Larcher

16.40 Development and use of new STS markers for identification of Phoenix species by Valentina Scariot and Aziz Akkak

17:00 The extraction of palm honey from Phoenix canariensis: tradition and present by Marco Díaz-Bertrana Sánchez

17:20 Round table discussion. Topic: Economic botany (Convenors Anders S. Barfod and Fred Stauffer)

18:10 Close

DAY 2: Sunday, 18 April

9:30 – 11.30 Excursion to the ravine of Alojera to see how the palm sap is collected.

11:30 Coffee break

Session 3: SYSTEMATICS AND PHYLOGENETICS Chairman: Anders Barfod

12:00 An Illustrated talk on new dimensions in the Dypsidinae by John Dransfield

12:20 A phylogenetic study of Borasseae by Ross Bayton

12:40 Fossil palms: assembling the data for GP2 by Madeline Harley

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Hypervariability in ITS: data from the palms of La Réunion by Berit Gehrke, Dominik Begerow, and Franz Oberwinkler.

14:50 Systematics of Hyophorbeae by Argelia Cuenca Navarro

15:10 A molecular phylogeny of Chamaedorea using two low-copy nuclear genes by Meredith Murphy Thomas, N.C. Garwood, W. Baker, S. Henderson, S. Russel, D. Hodell, and R. Bateman

15:30 A new subfamily classification for the palm family by Conny B. Asmussen, John Dransfield and Bill Baker

15:50 Coffee break

16:20 Round table discussion. Topic: Systematics and phylogenetics (Convenors Conny Asmussen and Bill Baker)

Session 4: ECOLOGY AND STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY Chairman: Carlo Morici

17:00 Climbing palms from Southeast Asia and America: biomechanical architecture and the evolution of the climbing habit by Sandrine Isnard

17:20 The evolution of apertural type in palms: development and selection by Julie Sannier

17:40 Structure and development of the flowers in Licuala peltata (Coryphoideae, Corypheae) by Fred W. Stauffer, A. Barfod and P.K. Endress

18:00 EUNOPS V and concluding discussion

19:00 Close

20:30 Conference Dinner in Restaurante Agana, offered by the City Hall of Vallehermoso.

DAY 3: Monday, 19 April

9:00 Bus excursion to visit the different ecosystems of the islands, offered by Cabildo de La Gomera. Lunch included. Ends in Vallehermoso in the late afternoon (18-19:00).

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