Palm Phylogeny Working Group

The Palm Phylogeny Working Group (PPWG) is an informal network of scientists doing molecular phylogenetic studies in palms. Most of us work on specific parts of the palm family or certain geographic regions, but we all share the goal of eventually resolving the palm family tree at the species level. Thus, we founded the PPWG at the World Palm Symposium 2015 in Quindio, Colombia, as a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences, co-ordinating our efforts, sharing samples, and ensuring compatibility of the data we generate. The PPWG is a dynamic group of students and established researchers that is open to everybody with an interest in palm phylogenetics. It is not a project in the sense that we have a common research plan or strategy, but we have a set of agreed principles on sharing information and samples. Our main channel of communication is a mailing list, but we also try to meet up regularly at EUNOPS conferences and world palm symposia. If you are interested in joining the PPWG and our mailing list, please get in touch with Wolf Eiserhardt ( 

Hyphaene compressa, Kenya. Photo: C. Godfray

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